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Fund Management

Let’s grow your Investment Account by at least 10% Monthly

No need to watch the charts all day. Our professional traders and fund experts will do the hard bit for you, so you can focus on other things

Our Investment Options

The pros of trading in the forex market as mentioned above is the justification for the high returns derived from trading in the forex market. We offer the following investment options for a period of 6 months with appreciable returns. Half-yearly contract is renewable upon expiration

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Why You Should Trust our Fund Managers

Spajayi Mgt. and Investment Company Ltd (FBMTS) is a registered company with
her head office in Nigeria. The company registered since January 2017 with a
mandate to render effective and efficient financial services.

The objective of our investment is to give investors a competitive advantage on the level of return on their investments for tenors ranging from 6 months to 12 months. The minimum investment is $500.

Treating Our Customers objectively

With FBMTS, your interests always come first. We’re committed to protecting your interests in everything we do, from promoting our services and suggesting best package. We also make sure our team is always up to speed with any new development that could affect the quality of our service to you.

Professional Investment and Wealth Management

We deploy the expertise we have developed over the years in managing clients’ funds. All investment is managed according to the client’s investment objectives by experienced and qualified investment managers, highly skilled and experienced practitioners. We have an In-depth knowledge and experience of the Local and global markets. We have a team of professionals with acclaimed research capabilities.

Risk Sensitive Investment Model

We bring robust risk management expertise to bear on the funds under our management to ensure minimal risk exposure.

Competitive Returns
We have a good Track record of a sustainable long-term competitive rate of returns. We ensure returns remain attractive and in the forefront of the market without compromising portfolio safety.

Superior Customer Service and Support
FBMTS offers customer support via phone and live chat to assist clients in all technical and investment matters. We can be reached during office hours. Phone support and live chat are always available during working days and working hours.

Transparency & Confidentiality
Clients Information and data are treated with the utmost confidentiality and the highest level of transparency.

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